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                The High-voltage Power Supply Special for the Static Electret Equipment in the Melt-blown Nonwoven Industry Has Passed the CE Certification
                Time:2020-02-08    Author:Wisman    Hits:250




                Wisman DL series is a high-voltage power supply dedicated to electrostatic electret equipment in the melt-blown nonwoven industry. Wisman high-voltage power supply was jointly developed with Xinlong Holding (Group) Co. Ltd. and is available now. This series has passed the EU CE certification and has been exported to 67 countries all over the world.      

                Wisman high-voltage power supply DL series uses high-reliability proprietary technology, and the quality fully meets the standards of European and American countries with functions such as: quick arc-drawing response, arc-discharging, instant recovery after high-voltage... The high stability can make the ionization effect more stable, and the high DC power makes the electret charge high.


                With CE certification

                Fast delivery
                Fast fire and arc response, no electret defects
                Output voltage 60kV, 100kV optional (other voltages can be customized)
                Output current 20mA
                Ultra low ripple
                Safe and reliable
                Can be customized



                Input: AC220 ± 10%, (AC110V optional) maximum current 10A.

                Output: 60KV, 100KV and other highest voltage output options, 0V to the highest voltage adjustable.

                Output power: 1200W

                Voltage control: inside the power supply: The multi-turn potentiometer included in the power supply can set the output voltage between 0V and the highest voltage. External remote control: An external 0 to 10V control signal can adjust the output from 0V to the highest output voltage.

                Current control: inside the power supply: The multi-turn potentiometer that comes with the power supply can set the current from 0 to the highest current. External remote control: external 0 to 10V control signal can set from 0 to the highest current. 

                Voltage regulation rate: relative load 0.005% + 500mV (no load to rated load) relative input ± 0.005% + 500mV (input voltage change is ± 10%)

                Current adjustment rate: relative load: 0.01% ± 100uA (no load to rated load) relative input: ± 0.005% (input voltage change ± 10%)

                Ripple voltage: 0.03% P-P (can be customized 0.01% p-p)

                Temperature coefficient: ≤25ppm / ℃, higher temperature coefficient can be customized.

                Stability: less than 100ppm every 8 hours after being turned on for half an hour.Ambient temperature: 0 to + 50 ° C.

                Storage temperature: -40 ℃ to + 85 ℃.

                Voltage and current indication: 4-digit panel meter, accuracy is 1% under rated output conditions.

                Dimensions:60KV 88mm (2U) height 483mm width, 483mm length 610mm


                For information concerning our high voltage products, please call at 086-029-33693480 or visit our website www.wismanhv.com

                Wisman advances medical care, industrial processes, quality control, scientific research, security and telecommunications by providing innovative high voltage power supplies including micro-modules high voltage power supply, modules high voltage power supply, X-ray generator, rack mount voltage power supply, special customized high voltage power supply, high voltage accessories, etc. that enable equipment manufacturers to improve their systems’ performance, reliability, cost and bottom line. Power range from 100mW to 200kW, voltage range from 60V to 500kV. You can purchase multiple varieties and specifications in one-stop from us. We have a high-voltage power supply research and development team, high-voltage power supply development software and software for testing high voltage insulation technology and zero current resonance technology, making our high voltage power supplies maintain high stability, low ripple, excellent in EMC. Our products are compact, highly efficient with a long operating life.

                Wisman high voltage power supplies are competitively priced and a great idea for OEM customers.

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