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                >About>Company Introduction

                Company Introduction

                Wisman High Voltage Power Supply Corporation is the world’s leading high voltage power supply,High voltage Micro-modules,High voltage Modules,X-ray Generator,High voltage Rack mount,X-Ray Sources,High Voltage Amplifiers, manufacturer serving the medical, analytical, industrial, commercial, telecommunication and scientific communities. wisman High Voltage’s standard and Custom Application high voltage power supplies, High voltage Micro-modules,High voltage Modules,X-ray Generator,High voltage Rack mount,X-Ray Sources,High Voltage Amplifiers, Their power range  from 0.1 watts to over 200 kilowatts and voltages  from 62 volts to over 750kV.

                Information on wisman and their wide range of high voltage products is available by  visiting their website: /,or by Send email to:sales@wismanhv.com

                One but you have become Wisman's customer, you will enjoy to us from the product application project to the technical support omni-directional service, we welcome you to give the precious comment and the suggestion for us. Please send to yours suggestion: sales@wismanhv.com.

                Enterprise prospect: Becomes command respect and most has the innovation ability global leading enterprise.

                The enterprise mission: Creates the opportunity for the customer creation value for the staff to create the benefit for the shareholder to undertake responsibility for the society

                The spirit of enterprise: Professional, the good faith, the team, innovate 

                The enterprise values: The good faith fulfills responsibility fair fair transformation innovation unity of knowledge and action whole supreme 

                The management strategy: The development best product, provides the best service, foundation best brand.