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                  Address:Rm. 2-20901, Tsinghua Science Park, Technology Road 65, High-tech District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China, 710075


                  Maximum output voltage(KV):0.5,1,1.5,2,3,4,5,7.5,10


                  1. The output voltage is up to 10KV, and the output power is 10W
                  2. Low output ripple and noise < 2mV P-P
                  3. High stability 0.001% per hour
                  4. Low temperature coefficient 0.001% per degree Celsius
                  5. Arc fault protection and short circuit protection
                  6. External potentiometer or external control voltage setting
                  7. Optional RS-232, RS-485 control, address can be set and search
                  8. Positive or negative output
                  9. Small size, strong anti-interference shielding on six sides of the shell

                  10. OEM customization available
                  11.CE certification


                Product introduction


                Wisman's PM series has six-sided shielding and high performance designed with hybrid topology of linear and switch mode power conversion techniques delivering lower noise with higher efficiency. It is applied to Photomultiplier Tubes(PMT),Solid state detectors,ultrasonic transducers and so on. PM series can control by an external or internal potentiometer or a computer. RS-232 or RS-485 interface are both available. PM module is available both positive or negative supply , which is ideal for OEM customers. 


                Mass spectrometry
                Photomultiplier Tubes(PMT)
                Microchannel plates(MCP)
                Proportional Counters
                GM Tube
                Avalanche Photo Diode (APD)
                Solid state detectors
                Ionization Chambers
                gas chromatography
                Electron multiplier
                Nuclear Instruments
                DNA sequencing
                Radiation counter
                Electron Beam
                Ion Beam,High
                voltage bias
                Hipot Testing
                Precision Lenses Image Intensifiers
                Semicon-ductor Testing
                Electrostatic discharge Testing
                Provides power to the pulse power
                Capacitor Discharging
                Life Sciences
                Medical chemical Applications
                Laboratory Applications
                Industrial Applications


                Input Voltage: DC 24v

                Output Voltage:500V,1KV,1.5KV,2KV,3KV,5KV,7.5KV,10KV

                Output Current:8mA,4mA,,2mA,1mA,0.5mA,0.25mA

                Output POWER:2W,2.5W,3W,4W,5W,6W,8W,10W,

                High stability: 0.001%

                Ultra-low ripple: 0.001%

                Temperature coefficient 10ppm/℃, 25ppm/℃ optional
                Line regulation:  0.001%

                Load regulation : 0.01%
                Short circuit protection and arc discharge protection
                Working temperature: 0-50℃
                Storage temperature: -40- +85℃
                Humidity: 20-80%RH (no condensation)
                Size: D130 X W90 X H30
                Weight: 400g

                Information on wisman and their wide range of high voltage products is available by calling +86-29-3369-3480, or by visiting their website: /
                Wisman High Voltage power supply is the world's leading provider of custom designed and standard AC-DC and DC-DC high voltage power converters for: medical, industrial,analytical, and security applications; semiconductor manufacturing; scientific instrumentation; and power feed systems for undersea cables. Wisman is headquartered in the china. Which provide design, manufacturing and service to our customers throughout the world.
                Wisman high voltage is an ISO9001:2008 registered company.

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