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                  Contact Us
                  Address:Rm. 2-20901, Tsinghua Science Park, Technology Road 65, High-tech District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, China, 710075


                  Maximum output voltage(KV):0.6,1.2,2,3,5,7.5,10,12,15,20,25,30


                    1. Output from 0.6kv to 30kv @ 6w to 100w
                    2. Option rs-232 or rs-485 serial interface
                    3. Low temperature coefficient 25ppm per degree c
                    4. Low output ripple and noise 0.001% p-p
                    5. High stability 0.01% per hour
                    6. Local and remote voltage programming
                    7. Positive or negative polarity
                    8. Arc and short circuit protected
                    9. Compact size,
                    10. OEM customization available


                Product introduction


                Mass spectrometry
                Photomultiplier Tubes(PMT)
                Microchannel plates(MCP)
                Proportional Counters
                GM Tube
                Avalanche Photo Diode (APD)
                Solid state detectors
                Ionization Chambers
                gas chromatography
                Electron multiplier
                Nuclear Instruments
                DNA sequencing
                Radiation counter
                Electron Beam
                Ion Beam,High
                voltage bias
                Hipot Testing
                Precision Lenses Image Intensifiers
                Semicon-ductor Testing
                Electrostatic discharge Testing
                Provides power to the pulse power
                Capacitor Discharging
                Life Sciences
                Medical chemical Applications
                Laboratory Applications
                Industrial Applications



                Wisman’s new ME series are a family of high voltage 100Watt modules that provide output voltages ranging from 0.6kV to 30kV.
                The ME Series is the result of Wisman’s exceptional high voltage packaging and surface mount fabrication techniques coupled with proprietary encapsulation technology producing this ultra-compact module. Wisman’s ME Series of 100 watt high voltage power supplies are based on a proprietary resonant fly back power conversion topology that provides over 80% efficiency.   Offering tight regulation, high stability and low ripple, the ME provides users local and remote analog control to set  voltage and current,  both voltage and current regulation with automatic crossover.The robust design of ME Series along with comprehensive arc and short circuit protection allow operation in the most demanding environments.  An optional RS-485, RS-232 interface is available.

                Wisman’s proprietary HV technology coupled with SMT circuitry results in an ultra compact and lightweight module that is available as either a positive or negative supply that is ideal for OEM applications


                Input Voltage:
                +24Vdc±2V. Other input voltages available on special order.
                Input Current:
                Less than 4A at full output.
                Output Voltage:
                Continuously adjustable over entire output range. Available
                in either positive or negative output polarity. See table for
                voltage ranges.
                Output Voltage Control: Controlled by either:
                1) Internal ten-turn potentiometer
                2) External potentiometer 5k to 100k (set internal pot. to max.)
                3) Remote differential voltage programming (0 to +10V gives
                0 to full output).
                Accuracy 0.1%.
                Remote Control:
                Remote programming Common Mode Range: 0VDC to +10VDC
                Line Regulation:
                0.001% for input change of 10%.
                Load Regulation:
                0.001% for 100μA to full load change(at maximum voltage).
                Temperature Coefficient:Better than 25ppm/°C.
                <0.007%/hr at constant operating conditions after 1 hour warm-up.
                Output Voltage and Current Monitors:
                Voltage: 0 to +10V represents zero to full output ±1%.
                Current: 0 to +10V represents zero to full output ±2%.
                Operating: 0°C to +50°C.
                Storage:    -35°C to +85°C.
                Input: 8 pin connector (mating connector supplied).
                Output: Output voltage 1-30kV: 500mm cable
                Output voltage 30kV: 500mmcable
                1.69” Hx4.72” Wx8.07”D


                For information concerning our high voltage products, please call at 086-029-33693480 or visit our website www.wismanhv.com

                Wisman advances medical care, industrial processes, quality control, scientific research, security and telecommunications by providing innovative high voltage power supplies including micro-modules high voltage power supply, modules high voltage power supply, X-ray generator, rack mount voltage power supply, special customized high voltage power supply, high voltage accessories, etc. that enable equipment manufacturers to improve their systems’ performance, reliability, cost and bottom line. Power range from 100mW to 200kW, voltage range from 60V to 500kV. You can purchase multiple varieties and specifications in one-stop from us. We have a high-voltage power supply research and development team, high-voltage power supply development software and software for testing high voltage insulation technology and zero current resonance technology, making our high voltage power supplies maintain high stability, low ripple, excellent in EMC. Our products are compact, highly efficient with a long operating life.

                Wisman high voltage power supplies are competitively priced and a great idea for OEM customers.

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